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What is Commercial Taxi Insurance for Taxi/Cabs?

A commercial taxi insurance is a commercial vehicle insurance policy for taxi/cabs to cover for you and your vehicle in case of an accident, natural calamity, etc.

As a cab or taxi driver, your car isn’t only a medium of transportation, but your primary business which is why it’s crucial not only to get a Limited Liability Policy but to get a Comprehensive cover to protect you and your car through it all.

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Why should I insure my Taxi/Cab with a Commercial Taxi Insurance?

If you or your organization does own any kind of commercial taxi, it is mandatory by law to at least buy a Third Party liability only policy. This financially covers your business, keeps your profit margin in check and reduces downtime in case your taxi causes damages and losses to a third-party property, person or vehicle.

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Why should I insure my Taxi/Cab with a Commercial Taxi Insurance?

Businesses are usually prone to risks and if you’re an asset-heavy business with many taxis, the risk only magnifies. In such cases, it is wise to purchase a standard or comprehensive package policy for your taxis or cabs as it will protect your commercial taxi and the owner-driver from any losses caused due to natural calamities, accidents, terrorist activities, fires, thefts and malicious acts, among other unforeseen circumstances..

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Why should I insure my Taxi/Cab with a Commercial Taxi Insurance?

A cab that comes with a valid insurance also assures your customers/passengers that you’re responsible and serious. An insured taxi or cab ensures you or your business doesn’t face any unplanned losses or downtime, which means you can instead spend your money and time towards your business growth.

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